Khalid Eldahan and Tori Stromp

Khalid Eldahan and Tori Stromp

Presenters:  Khalid Eldahan and Tori Stromp

"Mechanisms and Mechanosensitivity: Exceptional Cadherins for Hearing, Balance & Beyond”

Novel Platelet Functions in Health and Disease

Enhancing respiratory plasticity following cervical spinal cord injury

Advanced MRI strategies: Help, Hindrance, Hipster, or Hyperbole?

"A fundamental microcircuit computation in neocortex and hippocampus"

The Mechanism of Force Generation in Myosins and Impact of Disease Associated Mutations

“Yin and Yang of Capsaicin Receptor in Pain”

mTOR Pathway: A Potential Intervention to Retard Brain Aging and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease Assessed by Neuroimaging

Stephanos Kyrkanides, DDS, PhD Dean of the UK College of Dentistry, University of Kentucky