Physiology Postdoc Faruk Moonschi Recipient of Mentoring Award

Congratulations to the recipients of the College of Health Science's Fall 2018 Undergraduate Research Enhancement Awards. These awards are designed to recognize the dedication and extra time required mentoring undergraduate students in research and are targeted at assisting doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, and junior faculty. This semester’s recipients are:

Grace Walton, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor (Peterson Lab – CMB)
Undergraduate Student: Alex Simmons
Project title: Adipose-specific metabolic effects of exercise-induced skeletal muscle exosomes
The award will be used to purchase an RNA extraction kit in order to measure microRNAs in exosomes.

 Katie Lucas, Doctoral Student (Brain Noehren – Rehabilitation Sciences)
Undergraduate Students: Olivia Lohre, Maddie Romines, Becky Wang, Victor Huynh, and Kaley Collett
Title of the Project: Healthy Runner Registry
The funds from this research award will be used to provide 25 female and 25 male subjects $10 for attending the 2-hour data collection.

Faruk Moonschi, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Associate (Ken Campbell - Physiology)
Undergraduate Student: Sarah Kelly (CHS Research Certificate candidate)
Title of Project: Multiscale modeling of inherited cardiomyopathies and therapeutic interventions
Monies will be used to support collaboration with Dr. Kerry McDonald, Professor of Physiology at the University of Missouri.

Davis Englund, Doctoral Student, (Peterson Lab – CMB - Rehabilitation Sciences)
Undergraduate Student: Ally Neal
Title of project: Determining the requirement for muscle stem cells during testosterone-induced muscle growth  
Monies will be used to purchase Affymetrix chips to perform transcriptome-wide analysis of diaphragm and hind limb muscles with an without muscle stem cells.

Zach Hettinger, Doctoral Student (Esther Dupont – Rehabilitation Sciences)
Undergraduate Student: Mel Zakharia
Project Title: Mechanisms underlying anabolic effects of cyclic compressive loading in muscle
Monies will be used to purchase the antibodies necessary to answer mechanistic questions about massage.

Dr. Ryan DeCoster, Postdoctoral Fellow (Dr. Henry Vasconez – Medicine)
Undergraduate Student: Connor Bianco
Project Title: The Impact of National Cancer Institute Designation on Post-mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Utilization at a Single Institution.
Monies will be used to pay for atomic force microscopy cantilever tips for a project evaluating dermal collagen fibril elasticity in irradiated breast tissue.