PGY Trainee Recognized at 21st Cardiovascular Research Day

Physiology Graduate Student Brooke Ahern (Jon Satin Lab) was recognized for outstanding work in two events at the 21st Cardiovascular Research Day held Friday, September 21, 2018 at the Lexington Convention Center.

Brooke finished as the first runner-up in both the Research Blitz and Poster Session (Grad Student Category), showcasing her research on the protein RAD - how it alters the L-type calcium channel function and how it affects contractility of the heart.

She and 11 other Research Blitz participants were judged on their ability to clearly and concisely convey their research theme in under 60 seconds by the audience, a mix of faculty, staff, trainees, postdocs, and undergrads.

The afternoon’s poster session had nearly 60 participants in 4 categories: Staff, Undergad, Grad, and Fellow. Presenters were judged by teams of faculty and staff on both their overall presentation, ability to respond to questions, and poster clarity. For her placement in the poster session, Brooke was awarded a $250 cash prize.

Congratulations Brooke!

For a full list of winners, please see below.

Research Blitz
1st – David Henson
2nd – Brooke Ahern 

Poster Session Awards
1st – Lei Cai (Staff)

1st – Kaitlyn Samuels (Undergraduate)
2nd – Jennifer Wayland (Undergraduate)

1st – Hsuan Peng (Graduate)
2nd – Brooke Ahern (Graduate)
3rd – Jaqueline Leachman (Graduate)

1st – Yasir Alsiraj (Fellow)
2nd – Michihiro Okuyama (Fellow)