Shelby Meier is the 2017 Hardin Award Recipient

The 10th Annual Hardin Award was presented to Shelby Meier, a trainee in Dr. Joe Abisambra's lab, on December 15, 2017 during the Physiology Holiday Party at Kroger Field's Woodford Reserve Club.

The Hardin Award is dedicated to the memory of Brian Hardin, a Physiology lab technician and graduate student, who passed away in 2007. On the trophy, it is inscribed “Brian Hardin was a graduate student and technician in the Department who made good physiology fun and challenged everyone he met to only bring their best game. This award for staff and students commemorates these qualities.”

Nominations could be made by anyone in the department. However, only Physiology staff members, graduate students, or postdoctoral fellows are eligible to receive it. Each nomination addresses the following three characteristics of the nominee: Hard Work, Compassion, a Making Physiology Fun

Shelby was awarded the Hardin Trophy based on several nominations from members of the department. Congratulations Shelby!