Our educational mission includes teaching graduate students, and undergraduates as well as medical, dental and other health care professionals.

The Department of Physiology teaches a wide variety of courses, and several faculty have been recognized as "Master Teachers" for their excellence and innovation in teaching.

For questions regarding education, please contact:
Brian Jackson, PhD
Director of Teaching
Office: MS-501 Medical Center 0298
Tel: (859) 323-8503

Department of Physiology Education Committee Mission Statement
The Department of Physiology recognizes the critical role it plays as an integrating discipline in the medical sciences at the University of Kentucky. The Education Committee supports courses serving undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. The committee strives to enhance the educational mission of the department through the quality of its course offerings, seminars, TEAM, a teaching certificate program, PEPP and the Outreach Center.



Education Committee Commission
Department of Physiology
College of Medicine
University of Kentucky 

Committee Name 
Physiology Education Committee

Purpose Statement
The purpose of this committee is to oversee the educational activities of the department including courses serving undergraduate, graduate and professional students coordinated or taught by our faculty.

The committee will be composed on the following members:

Director of Education.  This individual will be an Associate or Full Professor with a primary appointment in the department.  They will be appointed by the Department Chair and will serve as the Committee Chair.  The Chair may serve a term of 4 years which may be renewed.

Committee Members.  The committee will consist of at least 6 primary appointed faculty of the department.  Members may serve a term of 4 years which may be renewed.   The Departmental Chair will appoint members at the recommendation of the Committee Chair.  Membership preference will be toward faculty with a specific interest in education and who are not committed to another departmental committee.  Rotation of committee members will occur at the beginning of each academic year. 

The committee will be supported by a department administrative staff member.  The staff member will be responsible for distributing agendas ahead of the meeting, taking minutes and facilitating the distribution of minutes within a week of the meeting.

The Vice Chair will serve on the committee to assist in coordinating the overall educational commitments of the Department.

Frequency of Meetings
As frequently as needed, but no less than once per semester

(i) Each semester, oversees and approves course offerings; Reviews registrars course listings for accuracy; Makes changes as needed
(ii) Coordinates teaching responsibilities including the creation of slide banks and a contingency plan for each course
(iii) Ensures faculty are up to date with knowledge of the latest teaching methods and trends including the use of appropriate technology
(iv) Oversees the development of new departmental offerings including new classes, certificate programs, minors, etc.
(v) Coordinates the Dan Richardson Lecture each Spring semester
(vi) Works with the Graduate Affairs Committee to support departmental requirements for graduate training
(vii) Provides support to TEAM, teaching certification program, PEPP and the Outreach Center.
(viii) Nominates faculty for teaching awards at the college, university or national level.
(ix) Works with department administrative staff to maintain and renew Education tab of the Physiology webpage 
(x) Contributes to the planning and execution of the biennial Education Retreat. 

Faculty Approval Date:
February 20, 2018