Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
Yankuba Banda Physiology Temporary Technical/Paraprofessional
Don Edward Burgess Physiology Temporary Professional Non-Admin
Renee R. Donahue Physiology Scientist III
Suzanne Doolen Physiology Scientist IV MS611 859-474-0509 (Voice mail)
Stephanie E Edelmann Physiology Scientist II
Jonathan England Physiology Laboratory Technician
Rachel Lynne Evans Physiology Temporary Technical/Paraprofessional
Katalin Csanyi Halmos Physiology Scientist III
Sharon Howard Physiology Administrative Support Associate I
Rebekah Huffman Physiology Temporary Technical/Paraprofessional
Alexander A Karakashian Physiology Research Associate Senior
Robert Hamilton Kline IV Physiology Scientist I
Ruei-Lung Lin Physiology Research Analyst
Fei Ma Physiology Scientist II
Margaret C McConnell Physiology Science Outreach Center Coordinator 103 UKMC, Annex 5, Science Outreach Center 0078 (859) 257-8692, (859) 323-8190 Fax
Sabrina L McIlwrath Physiology Scientist I
Colleen A McMullen Physiology Scientist III
Joshua T. Minix Physiology Temporary Technical/Paraprofessional
Xiaoli Peng Physiology Research Analyst Principal
Ryan H. Penticuff Physiology, CV Imaging Research Team Medical Student
Shawn L. Peterson Physiology Temporary Technical/Paraprofessional
Carl Reason Physiology Department Administrator Associate 859-323-2746
Tomoko Sengoku Physiology Research Associate
Tanya Seward Physiology Research Associate
Gail A Sievert Physiology Research Associate
James F Simpson Physiology Research Associate
Ghanshyam Prasad Sinha Physiology Research Associate
Jennifer Leigh Smith Physiology Research Coordinator
William Smith Physiology
Carol T Snyder Physiology Program Coordinator II
Joshua K Stamper Physiology Temporary Technical/Paraprofessional
Lisa M Stevens Physiology Staff Support Associate I
William B Titlow Physiology Research Analyst Principal
Taylor Walker Physiology Temporary Technical/Paraprofessional
Allison D Walters Physiology Administrative Services Assistant BBSRB 148G 859-323-4618


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