2017 IBS Orientation

Monday, August 14, 2017
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm @ Hillary J. Boone Center

Schedule for the Day

Open Lab List

Faculty Research Presentations

OPEN LAB LIST (see link above for PDF)

Abisambra, JoeMolecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration: TauopathiesNo-No
Andrade, FranciscoCraniofacial and respiratory musclesNo-No
Bieberich, Erhard
Lipid biochemistry, stem cell research, brain development, neurodegeneration
Butterfield, TimothySkeletal muscle functionNo-No
Campbell, KenHeart failure, computer modeling, and BiospecimensYes1/2/3/4Maybe
Daugherty, AlanMolecular Mechanisms of Human Vascular DiseasesNo-No
de Beer, MarcielleCardiovascular, HDL metabolismNo-No
Delisle, BrianCardiovascular, arrhythmia susceptabilityYes-/-/3/4No
D'Orazio, JohnPediatric Oncology, Melanoma susceptabilityNo-No
Dupont-Versteegden, EstherMuscle plasticity, atrophy, stem cellsYes1/2/3/4Maybe
Estus, SteveMolecular Genetics of Alzheimer DiseaseYes1/2/3/4Maybe
Frolenkov, GregoryCellular and Molecular Mechanisms of HearingYes1/-/2/4Yes
Gensel, JohnNeuroinflammation in Spinal Cord and Brain InjuryYes-/-/3/4No
Gong, MingSignal Transduction in Vascular Smooth MuscleYes-/-/3/4No
Johnson, LanceApoE, brain metabolism and cognitionYes-/2/3/4Yes
Lee, Lu-YuanAirway hypersensitivity; TRPV Channels in the AirwaysNo-No
Li, Xiang-anHDL and scavenger receptor BI (SR-BI)Yes1/2/3/4Yes
McCarthy, JohnMolecular and cellular mechanisms of skeletal muscle plasticityYes-/-/3/4No
McClintock, TimMolecular Biology and Functional Genomics of Olfaction,Neural Regeneration, and Spinal Cord InjuryNo-No
N.-Karakashian, MarianaRole of Sphingolipid Signal Transduction Pathway in Animal AgingYes1/2/3/4Yes
Peterson, CharlotteCellular and molecular mechanisms controlling skeletal muscle structure and functionNo-No
Rabchevsky, AlexanderGenetic, Biochemical and Cellular Approaches for Treatment of Spinal Cord InjuryYes-/-/3/4Maybe
Saatman, KathrynPathophysiology of Traumatic Brain InjuryNo-No
Saito, HiroshiAge-dependent increases in inflammation linked to cancerYes1/2/3/4Yes
Satin, JonStructure-Function Studies of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels in Heart and NerveYes1/2/3/4Yes
Smith, BretNeuronal Interactions in the Mammalian BrainYes1/2/3/4Yes
Smyth, SusanInflamation and thrombosis in vascular biologyNo-No
Taylor, BradleyNeurobiology and Pharmacology of Chronic Pain and Analgesic DrugsYes1/2/3/4Yes
Vera, PedroVA Medical Center ResearchNo-No
Wilcock, DonnaRole of Inflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease TherapeuticsYes1/2/3/4Yes
Wilson, MelindaMechanisms of Estrogen ActionNo-No