Specialty Programs

The Department of Physiology participates in three unique specialty programs within the College of Medicine:

Teaching of Physiology Graduate Certificate
The graduate certificate in physiology teaching provides a mechanism for students to document their competency in the basic skills necessary to teach a comprehensive physiology course. The Certificate will be accessible to participants enrolled in a wide range of biomedical disciplines, but it will be especially valuable to medical science graduate students that anticipate a career in academic physiology.

Scholars Program
The Physiology Scholars Program offers undergraduates a unique, immersive experience in biomedical research. The competitive program allows students to work in a research laboratory of the Department and discover what a career in the biomedical sciences involves.

Combined Degree Programs
In conjunction with the Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry, the Department will consider for admission those qualified students wishing to pursue a combined M.D/Ph.D. or D.M.D/Ph.D. program in preparation for academic careers. Under special circumstances, advanced students may apply directly to the Physiology graduate program.